National Clinical Research Center (nCRC): Free Online Research Tools

nCRC serves as an online research tools for researcher around the world. It is not merely a Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS) as it integrates all essential tools into a unified working environment. The nCRC can also be used to managed any types of research ranging from a very simple one such as a quick survey to a very complex multi-national randomized controlled trial. According to an aim of the Thai government's mission on having a unified system for clinical research and left no researcher behind, the first version of this CTMS was launched in the middle of 2018. It was then named the National Clinical Research Center (nCRC) accordingly. Any researcher can apply for an account and own the online clinical research tools. The nCRC will be forever free to be used for research purposes and under the DIY (do it yourself) manner. Additional services, if required, can be arranged with some service costs. The nCRC QuickGuide_20180802.pdf summarizes steps of using the nCRC as shown below:

Thai Quick Guides nCRC Research Tool Thai Manual 20181031.pdf [PPT nCRC-Overview.pptx] [Quick Tour Video]